Grab Your Career by the Ears and Shake It

Presenter: Greg Ioannou
Some editors copy edit throughout their careers, often by choice, while some get into other kinds of editing or editing-related tasks. Others jump into different markets or non-editing tasks. A handful vault into related roles, such as publishing or teaching. A few even wormhole from copy editing to unexpected places like politics, private investigation, or owning the Ottawa Senators. This session is about rethinking your career options.

Language Theory: What You’re Really Editing Is the Person

Presenter: Dr. Michael Jones
Editors will always have difficult clients. Ours is a naturally prescriptive craft—we are paid to tell our clients what they are doing wrong. The difficulty, of course, is that our clients tend to not want to hear what they are doing wrong. Often, clients have powerful visceral reactions to having their writing edited. This webinar provides a brief survey of the current language theory that seeks to explain why and how something as simple as reordering a sentence can cause extreme reactions in our clients.

How to Meet People in a Room Full of Strangers

Presenter: Cheryl Scoffield
Have you heard the sage advice to attend networking events to showcase your company, build your list and find new clients to grow your business? But...You often end up standing around on the sidelines finding it hard to start the conversation when you're faced with a room full of strangers. If you get nervous and stumble all over your words when trying to meet people, you're in the right place!

Better Time Management for Successful Editors

Presenter: Daphne Gray-Grant
You may be an editor but you're also a small business owner. If you don't manage your time effectively, your income will suffer (and perhaps your relationships will, as well.) Daphne Gray-Grant, a former senior editor at The Vancouver Sun — back when it was a real newspaper — quit the newspaper business in 1995 and launched her own communications firm. Her triplet children were one-year-olds at the time. While her children have grown, she has written her own book, ghosted many blogs, edited for major corporations, coached writers around the world and been highly profitable every year. Her system can work for you, too.

Estimating Editorial Costs

Presenter: Greg Ioannou
The most intimidating part of freelance editing is knowing what to charge. Estimate too high, and you won't get any work. Estimate too low, and you can guarantee yourself a life of poverty. This webinar looks at the two major aspects of estimating: knowing how much to charge per hour (or page or word), and understanding how to assess how much work each manuscript will need. It gives examples of estimates for projects that range in scope from a short story to a major government project, and also demonstrates and evaluates some online estimating resources.

Starting a Freelance Editing or Writing Career

Presenter: Christine LeBlanc
Being a freelancer is much more than working in your pyjamas. For the privilege of setting your own hours, you also have to be your own boss, the sales team, the office manager, the bookkeeper, as well as the employee. Learn how in this seminar, which outlines the basic steps to your dream job.

Turning Your Editing Career into a Teaching Career

Presenter: Erin Brenner
There are dozens of programs out there that provide editor training, and they all need teachers. Sharing your expertise with new editors is not only rewarding but also profitable! In this session, Copyediting co-owner and publisher Erin Brenner will discuss how we learn to edit, what editors need to know to become editing teachers, and the holy grail: where to find teaching positions.