Practical Ebook Production

Presenter: Meghan Behse
This 3-part series offers in-depth instruction on the editing, formatting, proofreading and distribution of ebooks for several popular formats using a variety of software and tools. Attendees will leave the sessions with all of the tools to code a basic ebook and begin publishing online.

Be Visible Online: SEO for Editors and their Clients

Presenter: Julie Kay-Wallace
As a result of attending this session, attendees will be able to optimize their SEO and make suggestions for web-published client work in order for it to be more visible on the internet.

Creating and Maintaining In-House Style Guides

Presenter: Elizabeth Macfie
In this webinar, you'll learn how a house style guide makes the publication process easier, think about what to include and how to illustrate the content with examples, find out the steps for creating and updating a guide, and discover ways of encouraging everyone to use (and contribute to) the guide

A Linguist’s Guide to Grammar

Presenter: James Harbeck
What you learned in English class will help you with syntax about as much as what you learned in driving lessons will help you with mechanics—you get by fine until one day you find yourself stopped in the middle of a sentence with smoke coming out from under the hood. In this webinar, we're going to learn how to take apart sentences the way a mechanic takes apart an engine.

What’s Wrong with This Sentence?

Presenter: Melanie Scott
Correct usage of language is paramount to effective communication. The education system —from primary through post-secondary—does not offer students the tools needed for communicating effectively, whether verbally or in writing. The webinar is based on a workshop that was originally developed for the Canadian Authors' Association national conference, and has since been presented to numerous groups, from university professors to public relations experts to journalists.

Summer Series:  Almost Everything You Need to Know about Copy Editing and Grammar Skills

Presenter: Moira White
Have you ever paused to wonder whether a comma really should be added before a particular word? or whether you should add a hyphen to a compound? or how to phrase queries to the author? In this five-part series, you'll learn how to handle the "four pillars of copy editing": capitalization; hyphenation; commas, semicolons, and colons; and correct number style.

Rédaction web pour le gouvernement du Canada

Presenter: Julie Dufour
Au terme de cette séance, les participants seront en mesure d'appliquer de façon stratégique les éléments du Guide de rédaction du contenu du site Ce webinaire est conçu à l'intention des professionnels des communications et de la révision qui ont des connaissances de base sur le sujet. Les participants devront pouvoir accéder au Guide de rédaction du contenu du site et au Guide du rédacteur pour la séance en français, ou au Content Style Guide et à The Canadian Style pour la séance en anglais.