What’s Wrong with This Sentence?

Presenter: Melanie Scott
Correct usage of language is paramount to effective communication. The education system —from primary through post-secondary—does not offer students the tools needed for communicating effectively, whether verbally or in writing. The webinar is based on a workshop that was originally developed for the Canadian Authors' Association national conference, and has since been presented to numerous groups, from university professors to public relations experts to journalists.

Rédaction web pour le gouvernement du Canada

Presenter: Julie Dufour
Au terme de cette séance, les participants seront en mesure d'appliquer de façon stratégique les éléments du Guide de rédaction du contenu du site Canada.ca. Ce webinaire est conçu à l'intention des professionnels des communications et de la révision qui ont des connaissances de base sur le sujet. Les participants devront pouvoir accéder au Guide de rédaction du contenu du site Canada.ca et au Guide du rédacteur pour la séance en français, ou au Canada.ca Content Style Guide et à The Canadian Style pour la séance en anglais.

Web Writing for the Government of Canada

Presenter: Julie Dufour
As a result of attending this session, attendees will be able to strategically apply the Canada.ca Content Style Guide. This webinar is geared to editorial/communication professionals with basic experience in the topic area. Participants should have access to the Canada.ca Content Style Guide and The Canadian Style for the English session and le Guide de rédaction du contenu du site Canada.ca and Le guide du rédacteur for the French session.

Effective Technical Editing

Presenter: Edward Fenner
Technical editing is a special skill that requires editors to create documents such as procedures that are short and accurate while ensuring all safety considerations are included in their appropriate places. This is essential for any technical communications. This process will be demonstrated via the review and editing of a procedure on how to cook pasta that is currently too long, inconsistent, and terribly unsafe.

Eight-Step Editing: A Systematic Approach to Improving Readability

Presenter: Elizabeth d'Anjou
This webinar demonstrates how to identify common obstacles that can reduce a reader’s ability to understand and engage with a text—and how to fix them. Attendees will leave with a “toolkit” of practical techniques for improving a piece of writing. These techniques can be applied to a wide range of informational documents, including reports, memos, articles, summaries, proposals, observations, analyses, instructions, web content, and more.

Editing for the Web Without Lowering Your Standards

Presenter: Erin Brenner
People visit websites with a need, and if a site doesn't fulfill that need, they'll click away before you can say "See ya!" Website editors can help keep visitors reading by shaping and formatting copy to hold readers' attention. In this session, Copyediting co-owner and publisher Erin Brenner will teach you how to edit websites to keep readers interested while upholding grammar and usage rules.

Real-World Grammar

Presenter: Elizabeth d'Anjou
You’re a keen reader. You love language. You paid attention (mostly) in English class. Expert editor and grammar teacher Elizabeth d’Anjou helps you cross the gap that often exists between basic theoretical grammar knowledge and the kind of messy sentence editors encounter in the real world.

Notions de base en révision linguistique en français

Presenter: Sandra Gravel
Réviser un texte, c’est plus que de remarquer les erreurs d’orthographe ou de grammaire. Cet atelier offre aux réviseurs débutants toute l’information nécessaire pour les aider à améliorer leurs performances.

Copyediting Live!

Presenter: Elizabeth d'Anjou, Janice Weaver
Try your hand at copy editing a short text provided in advance, then see how a seasoned editor works through it with lively and informative running commentary: explaining the edits, discussing alternative possibilities, pointing out how the editing tasks relate to the Editors Canada standards for copy editing, and recommending resources for further study.