Demystifying Permissions Clearance and Photo Research

Presenter: Marnie Lamb
Understanding permissions clearance and photo research requires first an understanding of copyright as it relates to permissions clearance. This seminar examines the most important aspects of copyright from this perspective: criteria for copyright protection, types of works protected by copyright, examples of rights protected, and rules surrounding public domain and fair dealing.

Integrating Plain Language into Your Services

Presenter: Kate Harrison Whiteside
Plain language is the best way to ensure your communication connects with clients. It is also a great service to offer your clients—internal and external. With all the information being sent out today, using a variety of media, everyone can benefit from concise, clear, outcome-oriented messages. Join us to find out how you can enhance your current skills with plain language practices.

Creating Clear Online Content: Connecting with Online Clients

Presenter: Kate Harrison Whiteside
If you are most familiar with print material but are being asked to create or edit web content, this workshop will help you bridge the gap. Web content is a conversation. All print materials need to be re-created to fit the web style, site purpose and design. The audiences, the media and the criteria are different. Plain language online content guidelines target the needs of web readers and users to ensure understanding, accessibility and usability. Ensuring you understand your audience and they understand your information goes a long way to succeeding online.