Editing for Engineers and Scientists

Presenter: Christa Bedwin
Want to start editing scientific and engineering documents? Learn how from the best! With 20 years of experience as an international science writer and editor, Christa Bedwin knows the unique challenges of working in these fields. This webinar will help boost your confidence and prepare you for this new challenge. The webinar will cover important style guides and resources, special industry and government needs, unique issues to keep in mind when editing STEM documents, and tips to effectively communicate edits to scientists.

Achieving Editorial Excellence in K-Adult ESL/ELT Materials

Presenter: Marilyn Rosenthal
The webinar will present an overview and detail the major aspects of of ESL/ELT editorial development. It will include the: editorial planning stage; important references and guidelines; developing a model lesson template; and important conventions inside the manuscript (distractors, examples, direction lines) summary of the top 10 factors for achieving editorial excellence.