Book Formatting Using Word Styles

Presenter: Meghan Behse
In “Book Formatting Using Word Styles” you’ll learn how to create a fully customizable print book layout using Microsoft Word. Learn how to: set trim and margins sizes; properly format sections with the correct headers and footers; and use paragraph styles to create a consistent, professional looking print book layout. This webinar will also teach you how to correct word spacing, adjust for orphans and widows, and save your document as a print-ready PDF.

Introduction to Microsoft Word Styles 101

Presenter: Mike Pope
This webinar provides an introduction to styles in Microsoft Word for those who are new to styles or don't feel comfortable with them yet. The key learning objectives of the webinar are: what styles are and why they're useful; what types of styles you can use in Word; how to apply existing styles; and how to create your own styles.

Antidote 10 : Un webinaire en deux parties

Presenter: Sandra Gravel
Le logiciel québécois Antidote a révolutionné le monde de la rédaction et de la révision linguistique dès sa mise en marché il y a 20 ans. Antidote 10, plus que jamais bilingue, élève encore une fois le niveau de performance de cet outil aujourd’hui indispensable pour tout réviseur, rédacteur et traducteur.