Getting work with the Online Directory of Editors

Presenter: Greg Ioannou
  Number of sessions: 1
Let's be frank: some people are getting a lot more work from their ODE listing than others are. Why do some people find big-ticket clients or get so much work from the ODE that they're swamped? What's their secret? Is it that they're super experienced, well-known or ... more qualified than YOU? No! Editors who are successfully using the ODE know how to craft their listings so they bring in more work.

Developmental Editing for Fiction and Memoir

Presenter: Allison K Williams
  Number of sessions: 2
Learn to address big-picture issues including structure, plot, story, tension, continuity, world-building and character growth in fiction and memoir manuscripts. Excellent for those who work with indie authors, and those who want a greater understanding of dramatic structure, how to use it, and how to explain it to a client.

Language Theory: What You’re Really Editing Is the Person

Presenter: Dr. Michael Jones
  Number of sessions: 1
Editors will always have difficult clients. Ours is a naturally prescriptive craft—we are paid to tell our clients what they are doing wrong. The difficulty, of course, is that our clients tend to not want to hear what they are doing wrong. Often, clients have powerful visceral reactions to having their writing edited. This webinar provides a brief survey of the current language theory that seeks to explain why and how something as simple as reordering a sentence can cause extreme reactions in our clients.

Are You Certifiable? Preparing for Editors Canada’s Certification Exams (free webinar!)

Presenter: Anne Brennan, Jeanne McKane
  Number of sessions: 1
Learn everything you ever wanted to know about Editors Canada's certification exams from certified professional editors and members of the Editors Canada certification steering committee, who will provide valuable tips on how to prepare for the exams. Session participants will leave with a clear picture of what professional standards we are testing for, tips from certified professional editors on how to prepare, and recommendations of invaluable study resources.

Grab Your Career by the Ears and Shake It

Presenter: Greg Ioannou
  Number of sessions: 1
Some editors copy edit throughout their careers, often by choice, while some get into other kinds of editing or editing-related tasks. Others jump into different markets or non-editing tasks. A handful vault into related roles, such as publishing or teaching. A few even wormhole from copy editing to unexpected places like politics, private investigation, or owning the Ottawa Senators. This session is about rethinking your career options.