Academic Editing: Beyond Basics

Presenter: Mary Rykov, PhD
  Number of sessions: 3
Academic competition combined with limited academic resources can create pressures for students that may pose challenges for the freelance editors they contact to hire. The rewards of working with postsecondary students, however, far outweigh any challenges.

Creating Clear Online Content: Connecting with Online Clients

Presenter: Kate Harrison Whiteside
  Number of sessions: 1
If you are most familiar with print material but are being asked to create or edit web content, this workshop will help you bridge the gap. Web content is a conversation. All print materials need to be re-created to fit the web style, site purpose and design. The audiences, the media and the criteria are different. Plain language online content guidelines target the needs of web readers and users to ensure understanding, accessibility and usability. Ensuring you understand your audience and they understand your information goes a long way to succeeding online.

Strategic Pricing and Persuasive Estimating

Presenter: Jake Poinier
  Number of sessions: 1
Strategic pricing of your editing or writing services isn’t just a matter of throwing out a number and praying a client says yes—and the real answers to valuation can’t be found through industry websites or rate surveys. You will leave the session with practical, actionable strategies for securing better freelance jobs at higher rates.

Clearing the Fog: Plain Language Tips

Presenter: Frances Peck
  Number of sessions: 1
This webinar introduces you to three reader-centred techniques and seven practical tips for making language plainer. After a quick look at what plain language is (and isn’t), we’ll discuss readers and how to shape documents to meet their needs. Then we’ll cover seven ways of revising language—such as using concrete terms, short sentences, and the ever-crucial verb—to make it easier to read. Along the way, we’ll examine real-life examples of how plain language can make even the most complex documents clear and easy to follow. 

Usage Traps and Myths

Presenter: Frances Peck
  Number of sessions: 1
Is impact accepted as a verb? Why are prevent and avoid so often confused? Is it okay to verbify? This webinar examines these and other usage questions and problems. We'll examine usage issues affecting today’s speech, journalism, and other writing. We’ll also examine the top five usage myths, discuss the best resources for clearing up usage questions, and—of course—practise.

What the GST?

Presenter: Michelle Waitzman
  Number of sessions: 1
Charging, collecting and remitting sales taxes is just another administrative nightmare for many self-employed editors. In this session, you’ll find out whether you need to register to collect GST and other sales taxes, which clients you need to bill for which taxes, what you need to pay to the CRA and your provincial government and when, and how to pay as little as possible.

Antidote 10 : Un webinaire en deux parties

Presenter: Sandra Gravel
  Number of sessions: 2
Le logiciel québécois Antidote a révolutionné le monde de la rédaction et de la révision linguistique dès sa mise en marché il y a 20 ans. Antidote 10, plus que jamais bilingue, élève encore une fois le niveau de performance de cet outil aujourd’hui indispensable pour tout réviseur, rédacteur et traducteur.