What the GST?

Presenter: Michelle Waitzman
  Number of sessions: 1
Charging, collecting and remitting sales taxes is just another administrative nightmare for many self-employed editors. In this session, you’ll find out whether you need to register to collect GST and other sales taxes, which clients you need to bill for which taxes, what you need to pay to the CRA and your provincial government and when, and how to pay as little as possible.

Antidote 10 : Un webinaire en deux parties

Presenter: Sandra Gravel
  Number of sessions: 2
Le logiciel québécois Antidote a révolutionné le monde de la rédaction et de la révision linguistique dès sa mise en marché il y a 20 ans. Antidote 10, plus que jamais bilingue, élève encore une fois le niveau de performance de cet outil aujourd’hui indispensable pour tout réviseur, rédacteur et traducteur.

Copyediting Live!

Presenter: Elizabeth d'Anjou, Janice Weaver
  Number of sessions: 3
Try your hand at copy editing a short text provided in advance, then see how a seasoned editor works through it with lively and informative running commentary: explaining the edits, discussing alternative possibilities, pointing out how the editing tasks relate to the Editors Canada standards for copy editing, and recommending resources for further study.