Grab Your Career by the Ears and Shake It

Presenter: Greg Ioannou
 Number of sessions: 1

Length: 1 hour
Language: English
Cost: $37.50 for members and $50 for non-members

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Some editors copy edit throughout their careers, often by choice, while some get into other kinds of editing or editing-related tasks. Others jump into different markets or non-editing tasks. A handful vault into related roles, such as publishing or teaching. A few even wormhole from copy editing to unexpected places like politics, private investigation, or owning the Ottawa Senators. This session is about rethinking your career options.

The key concept of this webinar is that participants will get to understand their needs, their work styles, and how to evaluate their skills and weaknesses. Based on that understanding, they’ll be given strategies for how to explore and pursue various career options.

Former disc jockey Greg Ioannou evolved from a record reviewer in his spare time to a professional editor running a publishing company and a crowdfunding site.