To Be More Efficient and Consistent, Build a Better Checklist

Presenter: Kelly Schrank
Come to this session to learn how using a comprehensive checklist created and updated for a specific communication task can help you differentiate workflows, systems, and activities; spell out style and formatting details, track your progress, document metrics, and give you a sense of completion and peace of mind. 

From Digital to Dollars with Social Media Marketing

Presenter: Christine LeBlanc and Virginia St-Denis
Make the most of your time and effort on social media by optimizing your online presence across platforms. Use social media as one component of your marketing efforts to gain more and better clients for your editing business. Learn fundamentals, such as market research and content marketing. This session will also provide an overview of tools to monitor and track the value of your social media activity.

Productivity While Working From Home

Presenter: Sagan Morrow
Working from home effectively requires a different set of skills than working in an office environment. In this webinar, you'll learn how to manage work-life balance effectively, home office tips and tricks, and ideas for how to organize yourself so you stay on track with your business goals and priorities (without neglecting your personal life).

How to Get Organized and Stay Productive When You Are Your Own Boss

Presenter: Sagan Morrow
Freelance editors face unique challenges: you essentially have two jobs with editing projects for clients and with running your business. In this session, you’ll learn how to manage your time and energy effectively when you are your own boss and you work from home... plus how to stay disciplined and improve productivity, without the burnout and overwhelm.

Edit Your Résumé for In-House Work

Presenter: Letitia Henville
Looking for ways to standout when applying to in-house positions? Why not start with one of your most important assets: your résumé! In this free webinar, writer and editor Letitia Henville will share with you how to craft a persuasive and winning résumé that highlights your past work experience, as well as how you can tailor your résumé to the different kinds of publishers.