La révision des livres de tricot

Presenter: Elodie Brunel
Vous aimez le tricot ? Dans ce webinaire, vous découvrirez les spécificités de la révision des livres de tricot. Quels sont les prérequis ? En quoi est-ce différent de l'édition de livres traitant d'un autre sujet ? Nous aborderons notamment les feuilles de style dont l'usage est particulièrement important pour la forme et verrons comment verifier le fond.

Introduction to Technical Editing for Craft Patterns

Presenter: Kate Atherley
Editing craft patterns is a fascinating and multi-faceted challenge, requiring a review of the actual design, a confirmation of the clarity and accuracy of the instructions, and a good old copyedit. In this session, experienced knitting technical editor Kate Atherley will talk about the work – what it entails and how to go about doing it; and how to get the work – what skills and experience you require, and how to get started. Whether you’re an editor with an interest in craft, or a crafter with an interest in editing, this session will have you looking at the instructions in a whole new way.

Editing for Engineers and Scientists

Presenter: Christa Bedwin
Want to start editing scientific and engineering documents? Learn how from the best! With 20 years of experience as an international science writer and editor, Christa Bedwin knows the unique challenges of working in these fields. This webinar will help boost your confidence and prepare you for this new challenge. The webinar will cover important style guides and resources, special industry and government needs, unique issues to keep in mind when editing STEM documents, and tips to effectively communicate edits to scientists.