Concussions and Editors

Presenter: Courtney Mahoney
About 1.2% of people in Canada suffer concussions every year, and we're been hearing of a significant number of editors with serious concussions recently. When you have a concussion and you are editing, what are the warning signs that you should take a break? What are the best long-term and short-term strategies for concussion. How can you manage a concussion so that you can keep working -- or should you just take time off and focus on recovering? Certified Concussion Therapist Courtney Mahoney will focus specifically on how people with intense desk jobs should deal with concussion.

5 Steps for Coping with Burnout

Presenter: Sagan Morrow
It’s one thing to avoid burnout… but what happens if it’s too late for preventative measures? When you’re already burned out, you need actionable tips to start to recover!

Taming the Inner Perfectionist: Turning a Potential Enemy into an Ally

Presenter: Suzy Bills
Perfectionist qualities can help you be good at your craft but can also lead to paranoia and poor performance, ultimately leading to burnout. So how can you balance perfectionist tendencies with the realities of editing, including tight deadlines and the hard truth that no one is perfect?

Productivity While Working From Home

Presenter: Sagan Morrow
Working from home effectively requires a different set of skills than working in an office environment. In this webinar, you'll learn how to manage work-life balance effectively, home office tips and tricks, and ideas for how to organize yourself so you stay on track with your business goals and priorities (without neglecting your personal life).