Introducing The Chicago Manual of Style for PerfectIt

Presenter: Daniel Heuman
The Chicago Manual of Style for PerfectIt launched in August 2021. Since then, over a thousand users have linked their CMOS Online and PerfectIt accounts to start working with it. This webinar will explore how you can use The Chicago Manual of Style for PerfectIt to save time in your editing work. It takes a deep dive into how the style works and what it finds. And it will also show the limitations of the style. This is a new, official product from The Chicago Manual of Style; so come along to see it in action and get answers to your questions from the team that developed it.

Design for Readability

Presenter: Lisa Orchard and Christa Bedwin
In this workshop, Lisa Orchard and Christa Bedwin share their decades of experience with how visual and infographic components can energize a text to make it both more compelling and easier to understand.

Révision et corrections sur InDesign

Presenter: Diane Morin
Cette formation permettra aux réviseurs et réviseures de repérer et de corriger, sur InDesign, les erreurs qui peuvent se glisser dans un document. Nous y verrons les façons d’apporter des corrections sans altérer la mise en page. Les participants et participantes découvriront des solutions pour rétablir l’équilibre après avoir modifié le contenu. Nous aborderons aussi les différentes fonctions associées au traitement de texte, les feuilles de style, les attributs de texte et de couleur, la hiérarchisation… Ce webinaire traitera de notions en lien avec les principes directeurs en révision professionnelle A.3.b, E.3, E.8 et E.11.

Macros for Editors: Expanding Horizons

Presenter: Paul Beverley
You’ve already got started using macros? Well done! But what aspects of your work can be made faster and more effective? There are hundreds of ready-made macros available, so we’ll look at the huge range of possibilities. Be ready to be sprayed with ideas to fire your imagination. Then you can head off and try some of them out.

Introduction à la révision linguistique à l’aide de Google Documents

Presenter: Nancy Semegen
Présentatrice : Nancy Semegen Langue : français Durée : 2 heures Public cible : De base Type de séance : instructif Prix membre :  84 $ Prix non membre : 140 $ Acheter maintenant En participant à ce webinaire, les participants s’initieront à l’infonuagique et apprendront à utiliser les fonctionnalités de base de Google Documents pour éditer du texte, ajouter des commentaires et suggérer des modifications. Le webinaire se conclura par une discussion sur les limites et le potentiel de Google Documents dans un contexte pratique de révision linguistique. Réviseure Continue reading →

How to Set a Realistic Production Schedule

Presenter: Virginia St-Denis
Knowing the publishing process (A1) and setting and maintaining realistic schedules (A7) are fundamentals all professional editors need, regardless of which stage they are working, according to Editors Canada’s Professional Editorial Standards.

Macros for Editors: Beginners’ Basics

Presenter: Paul Beverley
Macros can often be an editor’s best secret weapon by increasing your editing speed and consistency, but not everyone is familiar with how to install and use them. This introductory webinar aims to make macros accessible to anyone and everyone by showing you how to install and start using macros right away. You’ll learn how to analyse documents to reveal inconsistencies, how to use macros to speed up the editing process, and how to make global changes to documents before you start editing.

Copy Editing Standards: Tables, Visual Elements, and Multimedia

Presenter: Robin Marwick
If you're comfortable copy editing text but aren't as confident when it comes to visual elements, then this introductory webinar is for you! Focusing on Professional Editorial Standard D12, Robin Marwick will teach you everything you need to know to ensure that all visuals are consistent across a document. This includes tables, graphs, headings, image caption styles, numbering, and more.

Introducing Maps: Developing Requirements and Proofreading Maps

Presenter: Laura Edlund
Feeling lost when it comes to editing maps? Laura Edlund will help you find your way. With over 20 years of experience working on publications with maps, Laura will show you how to critically examine and proofread different types of maps. The webinar will cover map conventions and applicable resources, how maps relate to surrounding text, how to develop requirements for creating maps, and more.