Travailler dans une équipe neurodiverse

Presenter: Solène Métayer
  Number of sessions: 1
Présentatrice : Solène Métayer Langue : Français Durée : 1,25 heure Niveau de difficulté : De base Type de séance : Instructif Prix membre : $54 Prix non membre : $90 S’inscrire Vous ne le savez peut-être pas, mais une personne sur cinq autour de vous est neuroatypique – c’est-à-dire que son cerveau fonctionne différemment de celui de la majorité. Elle peut être autiste, douée, TDAH, dys-, etc. Les possibilités sont nombreuses et les enjeux sont bien réels. Comment bien communiquer et désamorcer les conflits quand notre équipe de travail est Continue reading →

Copyediting Tips for Translators

Presenter: Vanya Wryter
  Number of sessions: 1
In this webinar, participants will learn about copyediting translations for clients. The webinar will summarize the different levels of editing, then focus on copyediting for translations. Topics include differences between British, American, and Canadian English; common grammar and punctuation errors; and common issues to watch for when editing a translated piece. Participants are encouraged to bring their questions for the Q & A session.

Editing Stories in Images

Presenter: Julie Kay-Wallace
  Number of sessions: 1
Whether you’re working with scripts, rough sketches, or nearly final art, even the most visual of stories can be aided by an editor’s sharp eye. Learn how to incorporate art directions in your developmental editing, balance text with art in stylistic editing, and proofread with roughs and finished pieces. This course will teach you how to tackle the art portion of an art-based story with confidence.

Series Secrets: How to Edit Sequels and Companion Books

Presenter: Emily Stewart
  Number of sessions: 2
Book series can be lucrative endeavours for indie authors and publishers alike, but they also come with their own challenges. In this two-part webinar, you will learn about how editing a series differs from editing an individual book.

Creating Accessible Documents

Presenter: Suzanne Schaan
  Number of sessions: 1
Editors are often responsible for creating final documents for users. This session explores how we can make Microsoft Office documents more accessible.

Sharing Your Editing Knowledge: How to Teach and Train Students and Clients

Presenter: Suzanne Bowness
  Number of sessions: 1
Sharing your editing skills with other adult learners can be rewarding and even a creative exercise as you plan how to organize and deliver your material. Yet it can also be intimidating, especially without a plan for how to convey your material in a way that's engaging and outcomes driven.

Working With an Editor: An Overview for Writers

Presenter: Marianne Ward
  Number of sessions: 1
Have you always been a little mystified about what it is editors do, or even terrified at the prospect of working with one? This webinar breaks down the editing process (the stages of editing) and describes the relationship between editor and author. Bottom line: there's nothing to fear!

Digital Marketing Primer

Presenter: Erin Brenner
  Number of sessions: 1
To grow your editing business, you’re going to need more clients. Good marketing will help make you visible to potential clients and create interest in your services—and digital marketing was made for solopreneurs like you. In this session, you’ll learn to craft a solid marketing campaign for your editing business that minimizes time and cost without sacrificing results.