Practical Ebook Production

Presenter: Meghan Behse
  Number of sessions: 3
This 3-part series offers in-depth instruction on the editing, formatting, proofreading and distribution of ebooks for several popular formats using a variety of software and tools. Attendees will leave the sessions with all of the tools to code a basic ebook and begin publishing online.

Strategic Pricing and Persuasive Estimating

Presenter: Jake Poinier
  Number of sessions: 1
Strategic pricing of your editing or writing services isn’t just a matter of throwing out a number and praying a client says yes—and the real answers to valuation can’t be found through industry websites or rate surveys. You will leave the session with practical, actionable strategies for securing better freelance jobs at higher rates.

Usage Traps and Myths

Presenter: Frances Peck
  Number of sessions: 1
Is impact accepted as a verb? Why are prevent and avoid so often confused? Is it okay to verbify? This webinar examines these and other usage questions and problems. We'll examine usage issues affecting today’s speech, journalism, and other writing. We’ll also examine the top five usage myths, discuss the best resources for clearing up usage questions, and—of course—practise.

What the GST?

Presenter: Michelle Waitzman
  Number of sessions: 1
Charging, collecting and remitting sales taxes is just another administrative nightmare for many self-employed editors. In this session, you’ll find out whether you need to register to collect GST and other sales taxes, which clients you need to bill for which taxes, what you need to pay to the CRA and your provincial government and when, and how to pay as little as possible.

Beginner’s Guide to Editing in LaTeX

Presenter: Heather E. Saunders
  Number of sessions: 1
LaTeX is the “de facto standard for the communication and publication of scientific documents.”* This webinar will give you a basic understanding of LaTeX and teach you how to edit effectively within LaTeX.

Showcasing Your Skills and Accomplishments in an Online Portfolio

Presenter: Letitia Henville
  Number of sessions: 2
This webinar series will draw on examples of editors’ online portfolios to help you determine what kind of portfolio you want to build, what content you might include in you portfolio, and whether and how to integrate a portfolio with your existing website.

Getting Started in InDesign

Presenter: James Harbeck
  Number of sessions: 2
Learn from a seasoned expert all the parts, features, tools, settings, styles, and shortcuts you’ll need to handle layout, typography, graphic elements, colours, and output.