Helping Experts Help the Court: An Introduction to Editing Medical-Legal Reports

Presenter: Jahleen Turnbull-Sousa
 Number of sessions: 2

Presenter: Jahleen Turnbull-Sousa
Length: Two sessions of 1 hour each
Language: English
Level: Intermediate
Type: Informational
Member price: $84
Non-member price: $140

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This two-part webinar will introduce attendees to medical-legal report editing and provide tips and tricks for success in this interesting and expanding field.

Jahleen is a writer-editor with over ten years’ experience in crafting and polishing medical and healthcare materials, business communications, and web publications. She works on a diverse range of writing and editing projects and genres, including medical-legal assessment reports, educational healthcare materials, nonfiction books, and online publications. Her clients include medical assessment firms, healthcare practitioners, business owners, nonfiction authors, and international online brands.