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Acceptable Copy Editing Productivity Rates and Top 10 Tips for Increasing Productivity

Presenter: Katherine Morton
Presenter:  Katherine Morton Date: Thursday, October 12, 2023 Time: 1 p.m. ET / 10 a.m. PT Length: 1 hour Language: English Level: Introductory Type: Instructional Member price: $42 Non-member price: $70 Register Now This one-hour webinar will outline acceptable copy editing productivity rates, illustrate how to measure your productivity, and provide 10 tips for increasing your productivity. The concept of “acceptability” will be linked to the new Editors Canada Standards for Copy Editing and will take into consideration that what may be viewed as acceptable depends on every editor’s unique Continue reading →

Oops! Finding and Fixing Bloopers in Fiction

Presenter: Amy J. Schneider
Copyediting fiction is like being the continuity director for a film, watching for little mistakes that pull readers out of the story. In this session, we’ll discuss (1) language bloopers: pet phrases, sound bloopers, danglers, redundancy; (2) action bloopers: Chekhov’s gun, drop-in characters, bad scene breaks, remembered elements, “As you know, Bob…”; and (3) factual bloopers: physics, body position/parts, anachronisms, geography, deliberate obfuscation, and just generally How Things Work.

Copy Editing Standards: Tables, Visual Elements, and Multimedia

Presenter: Robin Marwick
If you're comfortable copy editing text but aren't as confident when it comes to visual elements, then this introductory webinar is for you! Focusing on Professional Editorial Standard D12, Robin Marwick will teach you everything you need to know to ensure that all visuals are consistent across a document. This includes tables, graphs, headings, image caption styles, numbering, and more.