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Quantifying Your Editing Impact: Metrics to Share with Clients

Presenter: Letitia Henville
Presenter: Letitia Henville Date: Tuesday, October 17, 2023 Time: 1 p.m. ET / 10 a.m. PT Length: 1 hour Language: English Level: Intermediate/Advanced Type: Instructional Member price: $42 Non-member price: $70 Register Now In The Subversive Copyeditor, Carol Fisher Saller outlines three principles that she believes are crucial to developing a good relationship with an author: carefulness, transparency and flexibility. Carefulness has to do with adhering to the “first do no harm” principle—that is, not implementing changes that are incorrect, or that overstep your knowledge, or that you can’t cite Continue reading →

Academic Editing: Beyond Basics

Presenter: Mary Rykov, PhD
Academic competition combined with limited academic resources can create pressures for students that may pose challenges for the freelance editors they contact to hire. The rewards of working with postsecondary students, however, far outweigh any challenges.