Concussions and Editors

Presenter: Courtney Mahoney
 Number of sessions: 1

Presenter: Courtney Mahoney
Length: 1 hour
Language: English
Level: All levels
Type: Intermediate
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About 1.2% of people in Canada suffer concussions every year, and we’re been hearing of a significant number of editors with serious concussions recently. When you have a concussion and you are editing, what are the warning signs that you should take a break? What are the best long-term and short-term strategies for concussion. How can you manage a concussion so that you can keep working — or should you just take time off and focus on recovering? Registered Physiotherapist, Courtney Mahoney will be presenting information on what a concussion is, what you could expect from a clinical concussion assessment from what questions will be asked, what assessment techniques would be used and how an individualized treatment plan would be created. Courtney will also be discussing the multi-disciplinary approach to managing concussions incorporating research from sleep specialists, nutritionist, neuro-ophthalmologist and more. The goal of this presentation is to expand your understanding of how we as clinicians manage concussions and provide you with some tools and tips to help you self-manage acute concussion and prolonged concussion symptoms.

Courtney grew up playing competitive sports, which unfortunately resulted in a number of concussions and other sports related injuries. This fostered a desire to learn more about the prevention and rehabilitation of these injuries. Courtney is a graduate of Dalhousie University’s Master’s of Physiotherapy program and since graduation, has dedicated many hours to post-graduate courses including concussion management and rehabilitation. As someone who suffers from post-concussion syndrome herself, Courtney is passionate about helping her clients work through and improve their post concussion symptoms, provide education and work with sports teams and other organizations on concussion prevention strategies. Courtney is excited to share with you some of her knowledge regarding concussions, post concussion syndrome and management of symptoms.