Creating Clear Online Content: Connecting with Online Clients

Presenter: Kate Harrison Whiteside
 Number of sessions: 1


Presenter: Kate Harrison Whiteside
Length: One 90-minute session
Language: English
Level: All levels
Type: Informational
Member price: $60
Non-member price: $100

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If you are most familiar with print material but are being asked to create or edit web content, this workshop will help you bridge the gap.

Web content is a conversation. All print materials need to be re-created to fit the web style, site purpose and design. The audiences, the media and the criteria are different. Plain language online content guidelines target the needs of web readers and users to ensure understanding, accessibility and usability. Ensuring you understand your audience and they understand your information goes a long way to succeeding online.

You will learn the:

  • latest clear web writing and editing guidelines
  • key differences between print and online content
  • characteristics of online readers
  • role plain language plays in creating concise, web-friendly content
  • important rules for clear graphics and design.

Audience involvement is critical to attracting and keeping online readers.
Find out ways to:

  • get to know online audiences’ behaviours
  • use personas
  • test content
  • keep the conversation alive.

The latest developments of the universal online Content Design readability guidelines project, advice on style guides that focus on audience accessibility, and links to helpful resources will be included.

Website Plain Language Checklist included free.

This plain language for websites webinar is for web and non-web writers and editors.

Presented by Kate Harrison Whiteside

Kate has seen first-hand the eureka moments writers have when they experience and see the benefits of plain language. When she made the link between plain language and web content the benefits became even clearer. Readers want to quickly find the answers to their questions, easily understand the information and put their new knowledge into action. It’s this connection between content creator and client that is so important—and clear language bridges the gap.

Kate has created, edited, consulted on and coached others preparing web content. She’s worked with education, international development, business, non-profits and professional organizations. She provides writing and editing, style guide creation, project support and training services. Web content projects usually involve a number of contributors and require clear guidelines to keep everyone on track. Whether you’re updating an existing site or starting from scratch, now is always the best time to integrate plain language.

Motivated by her positive plain language experiences, Kate is committed to offering others the chance to learn through webinars, workshops and the online training program

Working from the inspiring Kootenay region in southern BC, Kate keeps spreading the word: plain language works for everyone.

Kate is PLAIN (Plain Language Association International) Membership Co-chair, PLAIN and IPlainDay co-creator, conference speaker (PLAIN 2017, EC 2018), mentor and advocate.