Get Into a Long-Term Relationship With Your Clients!

Presenter: Michelle Waitzman
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Presenter: Michelle Waitzman
Length: 1 hour
Language: English
Level: All levels
Type: Informational
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Learn how to turn one-off or short-term projects into ongoing clients. Marketing your business and negotiating with new clients is time-consuming and stressful. It’s much easier to work with clients who already know you and value the work you do. Nurturing long-term client relationships will bring you steady work, make it easier to get enthusiastic referrals, and allow you to work more efficiently as you get to know your clients’ expectations, styles and quirks.

Michelle Waitzman is a Toronto-based non-fiction writer and editor who worked in TV production and corporate communications before going freelance. She enjoys the variety of work that freelancing brings, and loves learning new things from the projects she’s working on. Her clients include specialty publishers, professional associations, law firms and a financial planning syndicate.