Getting Into In-house Research Grants Editing

Presenter: Letitia Henville
 Number of sessions: 1

Presenter: Letitia Henville
Length: 1 hour
Language: English
Level:  Introductory
Type: Instructional
Price: Free!

Are you interested in working with academic researchers without taking the risks associated with freelancing? Would you enjoy learning about—and helping to support—cutting-edge academic research? If so, you may be interested in pursuing a career as an in-house research grants facilitator in a university, research hospital, or regional health authority.

In this free 60-minute webinar, Letitia Henville—a former health sciences grants editor, and now the author of the monthly University Affairs column Ask Dr. Editor—will help prospective research grants facilitators learn more about this rewarding field and the possibilities offered by in-house work.

This webinar will describe the political trends that have led to the emergence of research grants facilitation as a field, talk about the kinds of work that grants facilitators, editors, and officers perform, and share her top suggestions for applying for in-house jobs. The webinar will close with recommendations for new in-house research grants editors, to set them up for success in the field and in their careers. 

Letitia Henville is a freelance academic editor at and the advice columnist behind Ask Dr. Editor, published monthly at In June 2022, she launched