Graphs 101

Presenter: Robin Marwick
 Number of sessions: 1

Presenter: Robin Marwick
Length:  1.5 hours
Language: English
Level: Introductory
Type: Instructional
Member price:  $60
Non-member price: $100

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As a result of attending this session, attendees will be able to distinguish common types of graphs from one another; identify the required components of graphs; and describe conventions for graphing data.

We live in an era of metrics. Graphs are everywhere—in science, business, education, finance, journalism, and government. As a working editor, you’re likely to encounter hundreds of graphs in your career, and many of them will need some form of editing. This webinar gives you the fundamentals you’ll need to make and discuss those edits with confidence, even if your high school math classes were some time ago. You’ll learn the standard components of a graph; the most-used types of graph; data display conventions for each type; and some common pitfalls to watch for.

Robin Marwick has been a medical writer and editor for over 20 years, and has been self-employed for 6 of them. Her areas of focus include patient education, plain language, and editing scientific papers for scientists whose first language is not English, with a sideline in financial reports. She read the data visualization classic How to Lie with Statistics at an impressionable age, and has been on the lookout for bad graphs and dodgy data ever since. She lives in Toronto.