Macros for Editors: Building on the Foundations

Presenter: Paul Beverley
 Number of sessions: 1

Presenter: Paul Beverley
Length:  1.5 hours
Language: English
Level:  Introductory
Type:  Intermediate
Member price: $60
Non-member price: $100

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Learn how to apply your editorial skills to maps and expand your skill set today!

Macros for Editors Part 2 builds on the set of tools provided in Part 1 and enables you to move – carefully – into the area of using macros to make global changes before you start reading the document. This will clear up many of the inconsistencies before you start reading, which means that, as you read, you are able to focus much more time and concentration on the meaning and flow of the sentences, producing a higher standard of edited text as a result – and more quickly.

Because it automates the boring bits, you’ll also find that the editing task is more interesting and engaging. Well, I do.

Participants should either have either attended the Part 1 webinar or downloaded the (free) Macro Starter Pack: and tried out at least a good few of the macros.

Paul Beverley has been creating macros for use by editors and proofreaders for over 14 years. The macros (well over 700 of them) are freely available via his website ( and are used in more than 40 countries. Despite being of pensionable age, he enjoys editing far too much to stop altogether, so he occasionally edits technical books and theses. He has also produced well over 100 training videos, so that you can see some of the individual macros in action: