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Presenter: Patti Tasko
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Presenter: Patti Tasko
Length: 1 hour 15 min
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Have questions about the Canadian Press Stylebook? Look no further than this webinar with Patti Tasko, a long-time editor of the CP Stylebook.

The Canadian Press Stylebook has been a standard, handy resource for years for editors looking for practical guidance on the finer points of communicating cleanly, accurately and concisely. Every wonder how CP style decisions get made? Want guidance on how to handle bullets? An update on what the latest thinking is on acceptable gender-neutral language? Or some tips on speeding up the editing process? Led by a long-time editor of the CP Stylebook, this webinar covers: a look at the thinking behind CP’s style rulings and why they sometimes change; guidance on how to find what you need in the CP Stylebook and Caps and Spelling; and real-life tricks to help you edit quickly, wisely and effectively.

Patti Tasko is a former reporter-editor, bureau chief and senior supervising editor for The Canadian Press. She was a long-time editor of the CP Stylebook and a founding editor of Pagemasters North America, CP’s custom editing and production services division.