Practical Ebook Production

Presenter: Meghan Behse
 Number of sessions: 3

Presenter: Meghan Behse
Length: Three sessions of 1 hour each
Language: English
Level: Introductory
Type: Instructional
Member price: $120
Non-member price: $200

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This 3-part series offers in-depth instruction on the editing, formatting, proofreading and distribution of ebooks for several popular formats using a variety of software and tools. Attendees will leave the sessions with all of the tools to code a basic ebook and begin publishing online.

Part 1: “Editing Ebooks” will introduce editors to the world of e-publishing, with a focus on preparing manuscripts for ebook conversion. It will cover: the fundamental differences between print and digital editions; the various ebook formats (i.e. fixed-layout vs. reflowable ebooks; epub vs. mobi); what to include and what to avoid when copy editing a manuscript before ebook conversion; the various elements required for conversion, including cover, interior images, tables, etc.; basic automated conversion software, primarily InDesign and Kindle Previewer; and software to review an ebook, such as iBooks and Adobe Digital Editions.

Part 2: “Formatting Ebooks” will teach editors how to create their own ebooks. Those who attend this seminar will leave with all the tools they need to code a basic ebook and will be provided with an epub template to get them started! This seminar will instruct on: the ebook editing software Sigil; basic HTML; reading and revising a CSS style sheet; adding front matter, body text, and back matter to an ebook (including tips and tricks!); adding specialty fonts and images to an ebook; and inserting metadata into an ebook.

Part 3: “Proofreading and Distributing Ebooks” is designed to assist editors in reviewing and troubleshooting an ebook to prepare it for distribution. This seminar will include: a review of the ebook editing software Sigil (previously covered in “Formatting Ebooks”); how to revise an ebook’s formatting using the ebook’s CSS style sheet; how to test an ebook for code errors using FlightCrew; how to troubleshoot commons errors identified by FlightCrew; preparing all elements for distribution (i.e. book cover, metadata, etc.); and an overview of the most popular distribution options for self-publishing authors.


Meghan Behse

Meghan Behse has been working in the alternative publishing world for nearly ten years. She began her career as an editor for Colborne Communications and soon became the company’s vice president. In 2011, Meghan was intimately involved in bringing the hybrid publishing model to Canada through her work launching Iguana Books. In her role as publisher, she has steered Iguana through a new world of digital and print-on-demand publishing. Having helped over 60 authors see their manuscripts to publication, Meghan’s primary interest is in utilizing emerging technologies to help overcome the obstacles writers continue to face within the industry, particularly in Canada.