Readers, the New Readability, Writeability Techniques

Presenter: Cheryl Stephens
 Number of sessions: 1

Presenter: Cheryl Stephens
Length: 1.5 hours
Language: English
Level: Intermediate
Type: Instructional
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Non-member price: $100

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With many new tools available for brain research, we know the steps of the reading process and how to facilitate understanding. Research evidence shows the less work audiences need to put into reading, the more they will find sources credible, and the better they will connect with the messages. Readers balance effort required with information gained. Then they decide how they feel about the messenger and whether the message is credible and trustworthy.

Learn the most common characteristics of readers, what they find readable subjectively, how to write to meet both the reader needs and expectations. Stephens has updated Writeability Guidelines originating with Edward Fry of readability fame to emphasize brain research evidence.

Cheryl Stephens is a leader in the international plain language field and  the author of Plain Language Legal Writing, and Plain Language In Plain English. For 30 years, she has been writing, speaking, and teaching about plain language, helping clients to become more successful communicators using plain language principles. She encourages using research in related fields to improve our understanding of communication. lives in the Pacific Northwest and provides online training internationally.