Showcasing Your Skills and Accomplishments in an Online Portfolio

Presenter: Letitia Henville
 Number of sessions: 2

Part 1: What to include in your editing portfolio
Part 2: How to curate your content

Presenter: Letitia Henville
Length: Two 90-minute sessions
Language: English
Level: All levels
Type: Instructional
Member price: $120
Non-member price: $200

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This webinar series will draw on examples of editors’ online portfolios to help you determine what kind of portfolio you want to build, what content you might include in your portfolio, and whether and how to integrate a portfolio with your existing website.

By providing curated examples of our work, online portfolios provide the evidence to support the claims we make about our editing skillset. Portfolios thus make visible the often invisible work that editors perform. When an editor builds their own portfolio, they can discover connections between their diverse accomplishments and construct a compelling story about who they are and what they offer.

For in-house editors, an online portfolio is a useful tool for performance reviews, informational interviews, and job interviews. For freelancers, an online portfolio can illustrate to a potential client the range and depth of services on offer.

These webinars are appropriate for editors of all levels of experience in editing and all levels of comfort with website construction.

Note that, while technical resources will be provided and content marketing strategies will be integrated, this is not a web design webinar.

For more on editors’ portfolios, please see Letitia’s blog post for The Editor’s Weekly, “The Ethics of Online Portfolios: How Should Editors Showcase their Skills and Experience?” (September 2021).

Letitia Henville

Letitia Henville is a freelance academic editor and the advice columnist behind Ask Dr. Editor, published
monthly at She helped to develop the UBC Arts online portfolio initiative from 2016 to 2018. Her portfolio is available at