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  • Real-World Grammar

    Real-World Grammar

    You’re a keen reader. You love language. You paid attention (mostly) in English class. Expert editor and grammar teacher Elizabeth d’Anjou helps you cross the gap that often exists between basic theoretical grammar knowledge and … more »
  • Notions de base en révision linguistique en français

    Notions de base en révision linguistique en français

    Réviser un texte, c’est plus que de remarquer les erreurs d’orthographe ou de grammaire. Cet atelier offre aux réviseurs débutants toute l’information nécessaire pour les aider à améliorer leurs performances. more »

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  • What’s Wrong with This Sentence?

    Correct usage of language is paramount to effective communication. The education system —from primary through post-secondary—does not offer students the tools needed for communicating effectively, whether verbally or in writing. The webinar is based on … more »
  • How to Handle Digital Photos

    How to Handle Digital Photos

    There is no such thing as a neutral photo. Every photo you'll ever see has been processed: colour adjustment, light balance, cropping, and sometimes finer manipulations to fix flaws or trick viewers. To be in … more »