Introduction to Technical Editing for Craft Patterns

Presenter: Kate Atherley
Editing craft patterns is a fascinating and multi-faceted challenge, requiring a review of the actual design, a confirmation of the clarity and accuracy of the instructions, and a good old copyedit. In this session, experienced knitting technical editor Kate Atherley will talk about the work – what it entails and how to go about doing it; and how to get the work – what skills and experience you require, and how to get started. Whether you’re an editor with an interest in craft, or a crafter with an interest in editing, this session will have you looking at the instructions in a whole new way.

Copyediting Fiction

Presenter: Amy J. Schneider
This session will cover one experienced editor's approach to copyediting fiction for mainstream publishers. Topics include balancing house style and author's voice; appropriate level of editing; leeway in applying "correctness"; using style sheets to maintain plot consistency for characters, locations, and timeline; handling dialogue; balancing real and fictional elements; conscious language; and diplomacy in editing and querying.

Self-Editing for Fiction Authors

Presenter: Brenna Bailey-Davies
Self-editing can be a daunting task for fiction writers, whether they are new or seasoned authors. This webinar is for fiction writers at any stage in their career and for editors looking to help fiction clients with self-editing. In this session you will learn general revision strategies, specific methods for large-scale editing and sentence-level editing, when to send a manuscript to an editor, and how to apply feedback when revising.

Deux heures pour en apprendre plus sur le droit d’auteur

Presenter: Véronyque Roy
Le droit d’auteur concerne tous les créateurs, y compris ceux qui s’ignorent! Est-ce que tous les écrits sont protégés par le droit d’auteur? Doivent-ils être enregistrés pour être protégés? Peut-on reprendre légalement un extrait d’un texte si on inscrit la référence? Qu’en est-il si l’auteur ou l’autrice provient d’un autre pays que le Canada? Et si le texte est publié sur le Web? Une multitude de réponses aux questions courantes et actuelles relatives au droit d’auteur que peuvent se poser des gens du milieu de l’écrit.

Accessibility for Editors

Presenter: Suzanne Schaan
Accessibility measures work best when they are embedded in content from the start. This series of webinars examines the accessibility considerations that editors are most likely to come across in their work.

Why Use Plain Language? What Science Says About Our Brain’s Reading Process

Presenter: Cheryl Stephens
Want to reach a greater audience using plain language? Learn how in this interactive webinar with Cheryl Stephens, the founder of the new PLAIN Canada. With over 30 years of experience helping clients become better communicators, Cheryl will show you how to simplify your message, engage readers, and get your message across.