Some of the Things You Wanted to Know about Alt Text

Presenter: Amber Riaz
Presenters: Amber Riaz Date: Thursday, November 2, 2023 Time: 1 p.m. ET / 10 a.m. PT Length: 1 hour Language: English Level: Introductory Type: Informational Member price: $42 Non-member price: $70 Register Now This webinar will answer questions attendees might have about alt text and its current use in multiple contexts to enable accessibility for different types of content. The presentation will define alt text, provide an overview of who might use alt text and why and introduce guidelines on composing alt text. Whose job is it to worry about Continue reading →

Writing, Editing and ChatGPT: How to Navigate the Changes Coming

Presenter: Katy Unger
Presenters: Katy Unger Date: Thursday, October 26, 2023 Time: 1 p.m. ET / 10 a.m. PT Length: 1 hour Language: English Level: Introductory Type: Informational Member price: $42 Non-member price: $70 Register Now The world as we know it changed forever with the release of large language models (LLMs), artificial intelligence (AI) and especially ChatGPT-4.  As writers and editors, we can either adapt to this change or get left behind.  This webinar will introduce you to LLMs like ChatGPT, and explain how these models work, what they do and how Continue reading →

Introducing The Chicago Manual of Style for PerfectIt

Presenter: Daniel Heuman
The Chicago Manual of Style for PerfectIt launched in August 2021. Since then, over a thousand users have linked their CMOS Online and PerfectIt accounts to start working with it. This webinar will explore how you can use The Chicago Manual of Style for PerfectIt to save time in your editing work. It takes a deep dive into how the style works and what it finds. And it will also show the limitations of the style. This is a new, official product from The Chicago Manual of Style; so come along to see it in action and get answers to your questions from the team that developed it.

Révision et corrections sur InDesign

Presenter: Diane Morin
Cette formation permettra aux réviseurs et réviseures de repérer et de corriger, sur InDesign, les erreurs qui peuvent se glisser dans un document. Nous y verrons les façons d’apporter des corrections sans altérer la mise en page. Les participants et participantes découvriront des solutions pour rétablir l’équilibre après avoir modifié le contenu. Nous aborderons aussi les différentes fonctions associées au traitement de texte, les feuilles de style, les attributs de texte et de couleur, la hiérarchisation… Ce webinaire traitera de notions en lien avec les principes directeurs en révision professionnelle A.3.b, E.3, E.8 et E.11.

Macros for Editors: Beginners’ Basics

Presenter: Paul Beverley
Macros can often be an editor’s best secret weapon by increasing your editing speed and consistency, but not everyone is familiar with how to install and use them. This introductory webinar aims to make macros accessible to anyone and everyone by showing you how to install and start using macros right away. You’ll learn how to analyse documents to reveal inconsistencies, how to use macros to speed up the editing process, and how to make global changes to documents before you start editing.

Macros for Editors: Building on the Foundations

Presenter: Paul Beverley
This webinar picks up where Paul Beverley’s previous webinar "Macros for Editors: Beginners' Basics" left off. Now that you've learned to install macros and use them to analyse documents to find inconsistencies, you’ll learn how to put that information to good use to make global changes to a document before you start reading. Cleaning up a document beforehand will improve your editing speed and allow you to focus more on the meaning and flow of sentences, resulting in a better edit.

Book Formatting Using Word Styles

Presenter: Meghan Behse
In “Book Formatting Using Word Styles” you’ll learn how to create a fully customizable print book layout using Microsoft Word. Learn how to: set trim and margins sizes; properly format sections with the correct headers and footers; and use paragraph styles to create a consistent, professional looking print book layout. This webinar will also teach you how to correct word spacing, adjust for orphans and widows, and save your document as a print-ready PDF.