Editing in Another World

Presenter: Ellen Forget
 Number of sessions: 1

Presenter: Ellen Forget
Length: 1.5 hours
Language: English
Level: Introductory
Type: Informational
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Non-member price: $100

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Editing in Another World explores the vast unknowns of far-off lands, distant planets, and worlds that just aren’t quite like Earth as we know it. Editing science fiction and fantasy genres is not as similar to editing other genres of fiction as you might think. This webinar will discuss genre definitions, details in worldbuilding including the physical world itself and the characters and beings that inhabit it, and tools and guidelines to work with.

Topics included in this webinar are focused on the developmental and stylistic/line editing stages; the webinar is meant for editors who have little or no experience working with speculative fiction genres. 

Ellen Forget is a freelance editor specializing in science fiction and fantasy. She is also a PhD student at University of Toronto in the Faculty of Information and Book History and Print Culture program.