Usage Traps and Myths

Presenter: Frances Peck
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Presenter: Frances Peck
Length: 90 minutes
Language: English
Level: All levels
Type: Instructional
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Is impact accepted as a verb? Why are prevent and avoid so often confused? Is it okay to verbify? This webinar examines these and other usage questions and problems.

Hopefully, you accept impact as a verb (not to mention hopefully as a sentence adverb). But what about more current usage issues? Does literally mean what it literally means? Are there limits to how much we can verbify? Why are prevent and avoid so often confused? All together and altogether?

We’ll examine usage issues affecting today’s speech, journalism, and other writing. We’ll also examine the top five usage myths, discuss the best resources for clearing up usage questions, and—of course—practise.

As a result of attending this webinar, you will

  • refresh your knowledge of the latest usage trends, including the extent to which certain usages are now accepted
  • recognize—and avoid—the top usage errors that make it into publications
  • be familiar with five usage myths and understand why they are so stubborn
  • know which resources can help you determine the status of a new or disputed word

This webinar is suitable for all editors, writers, and communication professionals who want to update their knowledge of usage trends and myths, and who hope to prevent (not avoid) usage errors in publications.

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Frances Peck

Frances, a Certified Professional Editor (Hon.), has worked with words for over 25 years. She is a partner with West Coast Editorial Associates, teaches editing at the University of British Columbia and Douglas College, and gives workshops across Canada. Her publications include HyperGrammar and  Peck’s English Pointers, a free online collection of articles and quizzes.