Worldbuilding in Fiction Editing: Theory and Practice

Presenter: Genevieve Clovis and Andrew Hodges
 Number of sessions: 1

Presenter: Genevieve Clovis and Andrew Hodges
Length: 1.5 hours
Language: English
Level:  Introductory
Type: Instructional
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Non-member price: $100

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Plot, characters, and setting are the essence of good storytelling.

Authors want to ensure their worlds are creative, complete, and compelling. Editors want to make sure the author’s creative constructions are as believable, consistent, and immersive as possible. Enter social anthropology, a field that examines how societies and human relationships work on an everyday, practical level.

In this webinar, geared towards developmental editors, Andrew Hodges and Genevieve Clovis will guide you through approaches to worldbuilding theory and practice.

Andrew Hodges, a social anthropologist turned book editor, will explore concepts that can inject life into worldbuilding, helping you move beyond ‘painting-by-numbers’ approaches based on flag descriptions, exotic customs, clothes, traditions, etc. 

Genevieve Clovis, a speculative fiction editor, will discuss hands-on approaches to editing worldbuilding-heavy manuscripts, and ways to ensure what’s on the page reflects the author’s vision for their story.

Genevieve Clovis is a speculative fiction novel editor and writing coach. She specializes in developmental editing for indie authors and publishers. Genevieve adores working in the fantasy genre and experiences true joy when her editing work crosses over with her background in outdoor adventure naturalism. Genevieve owns a secondhand bookstore in Toronto, ON and hosts a variety of writer’s groups in store (when possible) and online. Her pronouns are she/her.

Andrew Hodges is a book editor specializing in fiction and academic line-editing, and developmental editing in the narrative social sciences. He works with indie authors, researchers, and publishers, and especially loves collaborating with science fiction/fantasy authors and social anthropologists. In his previous career as a research academic, he published a monograph on football fan activism in Croatia from a queer perspective, and he has written over fifteen research articles. He also translates books from Croatian and German to English. He lives in Edinburgh, Scotland, and his pronouns are he/him.